Fundacja im. Stanisława Karłowskiego, 78-446 Silnowo, Juchowo 54A.

Fundacja im. Stanisława Karłowskiego (Stanislaw Karlowski Foundation) is a public benefit foundation, founded in 2001. The Foundation is the owner of a biodynamic farm located in the small village of Juchowo in Western Pomerania, Poland. The farm (alongside its main activities of breeding milk cows, growing of cereals and vegetable and herb production) is a base for the foundation's educational projects which are aimed at children, adolescents and adults. The farm runs regular seminars, conferences, study visits for farmers, students and anyone else interested in organic farming and its products. Furthermore, there many workshops for members of the public, where participants learn about organic farming and ecology. 

The farm is also a base for agricultural research and for the social rehabilitation of disabled persons through various projects.  Because of the location in a disadvantaged area of Poland, the organisation also  dedicated much of its time and resources to the development of the local society and economy.

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