Gutessen Consulting, 1050 Wien, Schönbrunnerstraße 59-61/Top 13.

Gutessen Consulting is a small enterprise, which was been founded by biologist Karin Kaiblinger and nutritionist Rosemarie Zehetgruber in 2005.

Gutessen Consulting offers nutrition-related advisory services and training, with much of the focus being on healthy and sustainable food for schools, kindergartens, enterprise projects and wider communities. Gutessen Consulting advises organisations such as communal carriers, kitchen teams and organic farms. In most of their projects, Gutessen Consulting uses messaging around sustainability and education as a focus for their training. This training is offered to cooks, farmers, teachers and other stakeholders. This is also supported by the production of guidelines, brochures and supporting publications.

Much of Gutessen Consulting's work specifically focusses on the design and implementation of training courses for people (farmers, teachers), who offer education opportunities on organic farms. Gutessen Consulting also supports those (organic) farmers who participate in the "Schule am Bauernhof"- a program in cooperation with Bio Austria and Ländliches Fortbildungswerk, which trains farmers to deliver educational projects in the school environment.

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