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Field to School

Farm visits can provide an inspiring, real-world environment for children to learn about food production, animal welfare, environmental issues and the cultural heritage of food. Rather than leaving this learning at the farm gate at the end of the visit, there are lots of opportunities to develop what has been learnt back in school and the classroom.

The Field to School project aims to extend the farm visit experience, by sharing best practice examples and developing learning resources that educators can use to explore farming related themes back in the classroom and embed this learning into the school year

Each of the project partners is experienced in working with outdoor educators and teaching staff and this experience has been used to develop the resources on this website. The resources are designed to support schools in creating their own farming themed projects such as keeping chickens in school, running a school farmers' market, growing vegetables in the school grounds and even learning how to create your own blockbuster film about your trip to the farm!

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