Institut equalita e.V., 50674 Köln, Lütticher Str. 68.

Institut equalita e.V. is a non-profit organisation focussing on the development of qualifications and networking in Europe. They are located in Cologne, Germany. Since 1992 equalita has carried out more than 200 projects, training events and consultions on ecological, social and cultural issues. They are financed by national, regional, local and private funds. They are also involved in the development of European Union programs like Europeaide, ADAPT, QUATRO, PHARE, LLP, Leonard da Vinci, Grundtvig, and Erasmus+.

Many of their projects focus on education in the fields of ecology, the organic trade and farming. For over  ten years Institute equalita has also engaged in a number of e-learning and web-based projects. The team consists of experts in their fields, working as project managers, consultants and educational experts who support social and ecological institutions in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Institute equalita also cooperates with other experts and numerous partner organisations in Europe.

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