There are many benefits that children can gain from outdoor learning, both educationally and physically. Outdoor learning stimulates all of the senses and these experiences engage children and can leave long lasting impressions upon them. Practically, outdoor learning can offer opportunities for physical work, which can have a wide range of positive physical and mental health benefits. In addition, farms and gardens expose learners to a wide range of vegetables, fruits and animal products, allowing children to develop a fuller understanding of their eating habits. We spoke to some of those those teachers who have experience in outdoor learning and asked them what they thought some of the benefits were.

“Our pupils are more active and curious when they are learning outdoors.”

“The children use all of their senses whilst out in the garden”

 “Pupils often demonstrate different talents whilst working practically outside. “

“There is no subject in the school curriculum that cannot be linked to food and farming.”

“Oral work, written texts and maths is easier when they have experienced something in the garden.”

“Sharing outdoors tasks gives pupils a chance to form new relationships in addition to those formed in the classroom.”

“Mastering practical work in the garden or on the farm gives the pupils more self-confidence and belief in what they can manage.”

“Working outside and taking responsibility for the school garden gives the students a chance to learn to love the natural world and believe that they can contribute to taking care of it.”

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