Our Danish partner has produced three written case studies which you will find in this section.

LOMA Project

Nymarkskolen in Svendborg is part of the LOMA project (LOkal MAd = local food). The purpose of the LOMA project is to support learning, health, wellbeing and sustainability through integrating food and meals into teaching in the participating schools. Students are involved in food preparation and in planning the menu. At the same time, food preparation is integrated into the school curriculum. As part of the teaching, schools must cooperate with local food suppliers e.g. through school excursions or inviting them in as guest lecturers at school.

To read the full case study, click HERE

Københavns Skolehaver (Copenhagen School Gardens)

Copenhagen School Gardens is an association of six urban gardens located around Copenhagen, where children can participate in gardening as part of a school, day care, or leisure-time activity. When part of a school or day care activity, children participate in a tailored programme that integrates practical gardening with theoretical learning. Schools have a choice of two programmes - the summer program running from May-October or the winter program running from November to March.

To read the full case study, click HERE

Haver til Maver (Gardens to Bellies)

'Gardens for Bellies' [Haver til Maver] is an organic school garden project, with several locations across Denmark. The original and largest garden is located at Krogerup farm in Northern Sealand and is the focus of this case study. Children spend eight full school days in the garden between April and October. The program is primarily targeted at school children aged between 9 and 12 years of age. The general aim is to establish a new kind of classroom, where children gain first-hand experiences of nature,  farming, food preparation and tasting.

To read the full case study click HERE

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