Ökomarkt Verbraucher und Agrarberatung e. V., Osterstrasse 58, 20259 Hamburg.

The Ökomarkt e.V. is a German non-profit organisation. For thirty years, it has supported the expansion of organic farming in Germany, particularly in the region of Hamburg in Northern Germany. Projects are run with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture and several environmental foundations. These projects are run on a regional, national and EU- level.  

The Ökomarkt e.V. carries out educational activities for owners of organic food stores, as well as organising events to inform consumers about organic agriculture.

In 1995 the Ökomarkt e.V. established an education team that organises events for early years settings and school groups. As part of one of its projects, the education team organises more than 350 events on 15 organic farms in north Germany every year. More than 7000 children, teenagers and their teachers are reached through these events. In another project running since 2004, Ökomarkt e.V. has organised more than 150 workshops for early years settings and schools, to promote sustainable and organic food supply systems.

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